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The Bass Man

Staying on top

from down low...


As a bass player and bass singer, Kim is dedicated to supporting the ensembles he leads and participates in. That philosophy translates to the classes he teaches and the groups he directs: leadership is best when built from the bottom up.

That deep voice also adds

an impressive tone to various voiceover projects!


Kim has sung and played with numerous professional ensembles in all styles of music from his native Kansas to his current Santa Barbara, CA home.  Jazz is his specialty, but classical, rock, pop, folk, musical theatre, bluegrass, contemporary Christian, and Renaissance styles are also part of his portfolio.

A nationally published vocal arranger, Kim can polish any group of singers from a professional jazz vocal ensemble to a classroom of 4th graders.


Bass, drums, piano, guitar, trombone and most of all VOICE in instrumental and a cappella settings are part and parcel of Kim's musical life. And BTW, he also tunes a mean piano!


Kim lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife Debbie Denke. They have two daughters, Melody and Maddy, and her husband  Charles.


original oil

painting by

Betsy Gray

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